Episode #4 – Mocha Instagram “Shots!”

These will be slightly out of order, but just follow Parts 1-4 and swipe across and you’ll get the gist.


Part 1 of 4 for Episode #3. Enjoy!! #dirndle #comedy #trending #youtube. Sorry that the scenes are out of order. MBPL

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Part 2 of 4 for Episode #3. Enjoy!! #dirndle #comedy #trending #youtube

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Part 3 of 4 for Episode #3. Enjoy!!! #competition #dirndle #comedy #trending #youtube

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Mocha Instagram “SHOTS”

Mocha Bus Pass Lady’s new Vlog series on Instagram is finally here!  The Mocha Bus Pass Lady 4Head Diary Instagram SHOTS! Every Friday and Sunday Mocha will post videos on Instagram for you to swipe right and have a cocktail and a giggle!!

Mocha Bus Pass Lady – Intro

Intro! #mochabuspasslady #comedy #trending #instagram

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MBPL Instagram SHOTS! Series – Episode #1

MBPL New Blog Diary Series!!!

Hey, what happened to Hollywood and

to Mocha’s ‘bus pass’?”


Tune in to the Mocha BusPassLady blog/vlog here!  New entries will pop up soon.  Until then…the below video is one of Mocha’s earlier works featuring her good friend, “Captain Obba Babatunde Jr.” aka Mystro as they visit Disneyland in search of Steve ‘where are ya, Perry?’ Perry, former lead singer of Journey.

Smile, Motivate and Drink a cocktail and enjoy!  Cheers!



Mocha Bus Pass Lady’s 8 Ways to Beat the Holiday Blues

  1. Drink Vodka Cocktails
  2. Drink Vodka Cocktails naked.
  3. Drink Vodka Cocktails naked and listen to non-Xmas music
  4. Drink Vodka Cocktails naked and listen to non-Xmas music and dance your ass off in front of the window with the shades drawn so your neighbors see you.
  5. Drink Vodka Cocktails naked and listen to non-Xmas music and dance your ass off in front of the window with the shades drawn so your neighbors see you get arrested and tossed into the back of a squad car.
  6. Drink Vodka Cocktails naked and listen to non-Xmas music and dance your ass off in front of the window with the shades drawn so your neighbors see you get arrested and tossed into the back of a squad car then later you get booked for indecent exposure.
  7. All of the above plus you tell your cell mates about your experiences and they laugh hysterically then invite themselves to spend New Years Eve with you.
  8. All of the above and at a pre-New Years Eve party with your new cell mate friends you find the lover of your dreams and run off with him or her.

Congrats! You have just celebrated the holidays by beating the holiday blues the Mocha Bus Pass lady way!  Of course, a month later you learned your lover has a spouse living in the basement of their home. 

What had happened was your lover found out that the spouse had planned to run off with the best friend of your salt-addicted uncle’s dyslexic half-sister and their two dogs; a deaf French Bulldog and a pit-poodle mix with one eye and a hind leg shorter than the other three. Rather than give up the spouse your new lover chained the spouse to the washer and forced the spouse to do laundry and dust.  You also find out that your new lover’s spouse’s anemic, belching and flatulent second cousin on the father’s side who rents out the attic recently robbed a Walgreen’s store of three bags of Kettle Popcorn, a curling Iron and a large bottle of Tums.  The cousin is placed under house arrest and only farts and burps when your lover invites the cousin downstairs for dinner.  You could become despondent, but instead you:

  1. Drink vodka and leave your lover.
  2. Drink vodka and move in with your lover, the imprisoned spouse, the thieving anemic, belching, flatulent  second cousin on the father’s side and adopt the deaf and half blind dogs.
  3. All of the above and turn your new life into a reality show and become internet sensations!

Happy Holidays from Mocha Bus Pass Lady!!



Hellloooooo!!! This is the MBPL and her 4-Head diaries!  Here is a throwback to Mocha’s original musical intro in her hand sewn Jamaican Carmen Miranda costume!

I was away for awhile dealing with personal issues, much needed soul searching and an adjustment of my job-related responsibilities as a motivational blogger-slash world traveler- slash Vodka connoisseur.  And of course I have been working very hard at developing a new identity and new costume.  

Yes world, ole Mocha is happy to state that I will return to my blog refreshed, refurbished, resplendent and I will do my best to motivate, encourage, enlighten and of course, drink vodka!  Cheers!







Hey everyone!  Here is a “throwback” picture from a couple of years ago when Mocha Bus Pass Lady first began.

Beginning soon, hopefully before the end of 2015, we will say “goodbye” to the Jamaican Carmen Miranda and we will say “hello” to a brand new Mocha Bus Pass Lady identity and a brand new bottle of vodka!!!!!  Stay tuned, great things are on the horizon!  Cheers!

MBPL is returning!!!

Yes, it is official!  The Mocha Bus Pass Lady and her 4-Head Diaries are coming back and with a Vodka-induced vengeance!

MBPL missed being online, but life as it always does got in the way and ole Mocha did what any normal human being would do in sensitive times, she took a deep breath, smiled bright and drank as many cocktails as her tiny mid-life belly could handle.

Now that Mocha is back and working a 9 to 5 which is not her calling, but let’s face it paying bills, rent and eating are essential, she will face her audience once again.  This time around Mocha will showcase the Mocha Bus Pass Lady 4-Head Diaries as 15-second installments on Instagram.  Look for new installments, new mantras and a new costume very soon.

Until then, please stay tuned, Mocha Bus Pass Lady will return just as soon as she finishes her vodka cocktail!!  Or Five!!!!

Smile and Drink a Cocktail – MBPL

Well, helllllooooo!!!

Mocha Bus Pass Lady has weathered one of her many storms and she is glad to be back and drinking, er, glad to be back and making people smile!  Here is my promo, I will return with a whole new Instagram series, so have a cocktail and stay tuned! Please click the link below and if you’d like feel free to join Mocha’s Instagram page.

This is the Mocha Bus Pass Lady and her 4Head Diaries signing off.



The Elusive Singing Pear Tree has Finally Sprouted!

Well, my friends Mocha Bus Pass Lady is patting herself on the back right now. First, I switched from drinking Vodka for about two weeks to drinking Tequila.  Suffice it to state, once I let my two week-old hang over subside I will go right back to Vodka. But, it was a fun ride while it lasted!

So, here it is, Mocha is proud to announce, THE ELUSIVE SINGING PEAR TREE HAS FINALLY SPROUTED! That’s right, Steve “Where are ya, Perry?” Perry is back in true rare form and singing his Portuguese booty off with a plethora of videos from concerts he recently gave to a select lucky few.

(Below video of Perry singing courtesy of Paul Frank)

(Below video of Perry’s “selfie” courtesy of Eric Frankhouser)


The beauty in finally hearing Perry sing after nearly two decades is that his singing voice is as strong and crisp and powerful as ever!  Perry, original lead singer of Journey, still has it!  Not the first tenor from days past, but his lower register or however one might classify, truly sounds as great as he did back in the day. As far as Mocha is concerned Steve Perry’s voice musically, well there is no classification really, is superb; he is just a damned great singer! Period!

Perry’s great vocal prowess reminds Mocha of another strong singer, Joe Esposito, from the band Brooklyn Dreams.   Mr. Espositio also made famous the song, “Lady, Lady, Lady” from the 1983 film FLASHDANCE.  Notice how all these “mature” men still have their pipes, all of them, which is encouraging to see not to mention it brings back fond memories of when music was performed beautifully by well-honed, very talented performers. They still have what it takes.

Brooklyn Dreams, 9-2012

Both Perry and Esposito, now in their mid 60s, still stand, they are a true testament of how powerful the blessing of being talented truly is.  Only comparing the two gentlemen by their talents, not the quality or styles of their singing voices.  The difference with Perry, however, is that he was gone for awhile. But, guess what? He’s back and better than ever!

Mocha Bus Pass Lady wants to give Steve Perry a huge shout out and “glad you’re back, Perry!” Mocha hopes Perry continues to sing and flourish and perhaps even sing in Portuguese which would surely give ole Mocha a warm heart. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy hearing a man singing love songs in a language other than English, right? Until the day Perry records his latest album for the world to enjoy, Mocha and many of Perry’s fans will wait with baited breath. But, don’t have us wait too long Perry, we none of us are getting any younger!  

To give Perry an incentive to release a new album, Mocha will release an updated compilation video of all the “where are ya, Perry” videos Mocha did years ago.  Perhaps when Perry sees the hard work that went into ole Mocha pulling him out of that pear tree as I would like to think, Perry might get all excited and choked up and get that album done quick as lightening! That would be a treat Perry, truly!

Until then, this is Mocha Bus Pass Lady and her 4Head Diary signing off for now!  Stay tuned, I’ll be back!