Mocha Bus Pass Lady is back and she’s drinking VODKA!

Helloooooo, everyone MBPL has returned.  I had a great time being away, but let’s face it, one can only have conversations with one’s animals for so long before it becomes boderline insane, right?

I am happy to report I have created a video blog to chat about and to give advice to, whom else, the lost souls of Hollywood!

I originally made videos about the ever elusive Singing Peartree Steve Perry.  But, poor Perry has truly given up on singing and he’s chosen the quiet solitary life.  Mocha Bus Pass Lady did not want to come off as a stalker or anything, so I set the poor old bird free, so to state. Mocha is now focused on giving her commentary  about all things Hollywood and beyond!

So, look for Mocha Bus Pass Lady’s Blog and sometimes video Blog or Vlog, coming to your computer screen soon!  Until then, no more dark liquor for ole Mocha, dark liquor can make ya nuts!  Long story short, four years later and lots of unauthorized video and pictures taken of Mocha, means goodbye Jack Daniels, helloooooo Vodka!   Cheers!

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