Warm C**chie? Try Ice!

I am available to offer POSITIVITY to all including and ESPECIALLY Hollywood celebrities! Mocha Bus Pass Lady’s motto: “Smile and drink a cocktail!”

My current mantra offering goes to Ms. Miley Cyrus, a very talented singer, energetic, limber and beautiful young lady.

M cyrus pix 1-by E News copy

My cocktail to help me “muse” about Miley: Lemon Drop with:

Vodka de jour:  Clique Vodka, it’s the “New Black.”

My Mantra for Miley on a wrecking ball: “Warm coochie? Try ice.”

Let me explain. Cold steel against soft, warm “nether region” skin can be scratchy, unhealthy and well…cold. Mocha Bus Pass Lady suggests the next time perky and taut Ms. Miley swing with her nubile young body straddling a cast iron tether ball she might consider wearing a “cooch protecter,” a nude ice pack covered in fabric. I hate the thought of Ms. Miley walking away from her acrobatic video with a brillo-type rash that might stay with her until she’s old, flabby and barely able to straddle an exercise bike much less a wrecking ball! “Wrecking Ball” by Miley Cyrus – Mocha gives it a thumbs up!

This is the Mocha Bus Pass Lady and her 4-Head Diaries signing off for now. Bottoms up ~slurp~ and Cheers!

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