To be Young, Perky and Drunk…er, Cherished!

c stodden 2013 image by e!online

Well, when Mocha was young, bright-eyed, firm and my hairline didn’t start way back behind my ears like it does now, I was approached by plenty of older men who wanted to marry or date me.  Sometimes they wanted to do both.  Ah, to be young and sought after!   What Mocha did not get back then was that dating men of advanced years for me often meant coddling, stroking and generally being “mommy” to them when all I wanted to do was party, drink, party and wear makeup.

By the time I was 18 older guys were practically throwing themselves at me!   Like my neighbor named Elmo, he was a 42 year-old never-been-married sanitation worker and part-time Karaoke King who held sing-a-long Fridays at his house that he shared with his elderly mother.  Elmo was a nice guy, but he was too “clingy.”  He was so smitten by me that he begged my mother to let him take me to Vegas to marry him.  Of course I could not marry Elmo, I barely knew him and my mother wouldn’t go for it and his mother absolutely forbade it!  Elmo got so upset he tried hanging himself with his Karaoke microphone from a tree in his front yard.  But, when he climbed out of his window onto the tree branch he fell and broke both his legs, one arm and cracked his hip.  Elmo’s injuries never healed properly and his mother had to care for him even though she was confined to a wheel chair and she only had full use of one eye that leaked and half her hearing. 

My mother felt sorry for poor Elmo so we both went with him to Vegas 6 months later.  Elmo dieceed to stay in Vegas with his mother and he built his act as Elmo and his traveling Karaoke Review, a food cart decorated in glitter with a pull-out platform for a stage and a bedazzled microphone, turntables and stereo equipment.  His mother was the dee jay, although, you had to shout your requests or place the book of songs directly against her good eye or she would put on the wrong song.

What was my point to the story?  Well, I forgot but my cocktail to help me “muse” about Courtney & her new full-figure: “Sex on the Beach” with:

Vodka de jourBelvedere.

My Mantra for Miss Courtney and hubby Doug: “If you’re happy and your heart’s in the right place, Mocha’s happy for you.”

This is the Mocha Bus Pass Lady signing off for now!  Cheers!

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