ABC, AEG, 1, 2, 3 no cash 4 the FA-MA-LEE

aeg jacksons Image by TMZ

Families can be complicated, can’t they?  One minute two people have a gaggle of kids that they loved so much they put all of them to work.  Sort of like the Kardashians except they’re black and they can sing and dance. The next minute one of them dies and all financial hell breaks loose!  But, Mocha doesn’t think there’s much to worry about for this thriving musical family.

With Mike gone and the AEG money missing in action, the rest of the Jackson siblings will have to return to supporting themselves like they did in the old days…churn out some awesome hits!  Even Jermaine JackSUN, his taser-loving children and his “shared” babys mother can get into the act!  Mocha predicts a compilation album or something as a tribute to all of the great work the Jacksons and Mike turned out.  Course, it’ll be hard getting Mr. and Mrs. Jackson to sing back up especially since neither of them look anything like Lawrence Hilton Jacobs and Angela Basset.  But, no worries.  Mocha says, “to hell with AEG cash, the Jackson clan are as resourceful as they have always been!”  Good for you, Jacksons!

Until they release their latest album suggestively titled, MAYBE TOMORROW I’LL BE THERE LOOKING THROUGH AEG’S WINDOWS, my cocktail to help me “muse” about the Jackson family and poor Jermaine’s sprayed on hairline: Bubbling Moonwalk Ciroc.” 

The Vodka de jour: Ciroc Vodka with a little champagne poured in.

My Mantra for the Jackson family and poor Jermaine’s delusional dreams of stardom and Tito’s always empty bottle of Pinot Noir: “THE LOVE YOU SAVE will NEVER SAY GOODBYE to a SUGAR DADDY, but MAMA’S PEARL will BLAME IT ON THE BOOGIE and SHAKE YOUR BODY DOWN TO THE GROUND.  Mocha has no idea what the hell that means, but I do hope the Jackson family ENJOY YOURSELVES and have a great time in the studio working your way back to riches and fame!  Mocha is very proud of you all for reaching for success and fortune the way you all once all strived so hard to do!

Until next time this is the Mocha Bus Pass Lady and her FOUR-Head Diaries signing off!  Cheers!


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