West rides North’s mom South

kimyePhoto courtesy of E. Degeneres Show

Mocha Bus Pass Lady just viewed a curious, cute, caustic, kind of quirky video by Mr. Kanye West and Ms. Kim Kardashian.  While Mocha is not a fan of motorcycles, I loved the fun way the new parents of baby North expressed their love to the world. 

Kimye, as the couple are deemed by their peers and fans, chose to express their love and devotion for each other in, what else, a video.  The video is an interesting moving camera shot of Kim bouncing naked to the rhythm of a motorbike and Kanye rapping with green screen mountain shots in a “I-am–not-afraid-to-be-provocative-with-my-lover” voyeuristic public way.  Hmm.  Would Mocha trust her boyfriend to ride her bare butt naked on a motorbike with her big brown boobs flapping in the wind  and slapping his nose while he rapped his undying love to her?  Let me get back to you on that one.

Speaking of bouncing naked on a bike, Mocha was caught in the rain this morning going to the dentist for a teeth cleaning.  I stood inside a wet BART station waiting for the downtown train when a man wearing a rain coat, sneakers and a baseball cap and he smelled like a wet dog, from the rain I assumed, approached me for a cigarette.  

When I answered the man, “no, sorry I don’t smoke,” he began to cry and accused me of judging him for being addicted to tobacco.  I told him I was addicted to morning coffee if it was any comfort.  Turned out our addictions bonded us and the next thing Mocha knew I was being followed by the rain-smelling transient for about three blocks.  I ducked into an alley to a motorcycle idling next to a dumpster. 

When Mocha was in her twenties her boyfriend dared her to ride his exercise bike naked; Mocha loved a dare.  She pulled off all her clothes and her ex-boyfriend picked her up and tried to set her on his exercise bike, but he accidentally dropped her and  caused her to bang her knee on the bike pedal.  Ouch!  Just when Mocha snapped out of that painful remembrance two young people, a young man and young woman, raced into the alley, jumped on the bike, both were dressed, and before Mocha could say “hey, you just ran over my bunions!” they drove off.

What the hell was my point?  Was I trying to help Kimye with their bunion issue?  Hmm, oh well.

Mocha’s mantra for the video-loving exhibitionists Kim and Kanye is: always find time to share your love with each other and with the world.  Love is what makes life absolutely bearable!  Also, Mocha thanks Kimye for sharing beautiful pictures of their little girl who, Mocha believes, will be their treasure for life.

Mocha’s Vodka de jour: Absolut

Mocha’s drink de jour:   Black and White Roaring Mojito – A blend or hard shake of ice; lime; mint leaves and brown sugar.  And add a splash of grenadine, and chapagne, Yum!

Until next time this is the Mocha Bus Pass Lady signing off.  Cheers!


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