Sassy Hot Chocolate in the house!!

sasheer zSasheer Zamata, SNL cast member

The people at SNL must have read Mocha’s emails claiming both black male cast members Kenan Tompson and Jay Pharoah are handsome, but they do not make good-looking women because they have finally decided to add a black female cast member after five years, Ms. Sasheer Zamata.  They also added two black female writers to their roster along with other guest black writers including Chris Spencer.  Whoa!  Way to go, SNL!   Cheers!

Mocha would like to toast the “powers that be” at SNL for adding a little Mocha Chocolatta flavor to their repertory.  Mocha hopes hiring qualified black people of all colors, hair styles, shapes, sizes and educations will continue in this great big world until the end of time.  Until then, watching funny black women act and write for a sketch comedy show for about 90 minutes will definitely suffice!

blk writersLaKendra Tookes and Leslie Jones, SNL writers

Mocha’s mantra for the Mocha ladies of SNL:  Get those coins, ladies!!  Well, a’right now!!!!

Mocha’s Vodka of Choice for the Mocha ladies of SNL: Monte Carlo Vodka, from France.  But look here ladies, ya’ll ain’t gonna be drinking on the job and get your butts fired.  Go on and make yourselves a cocktail when you get back to the house!  

Mocha’s drink of choice for the the Mocha ladies of SNL:  Lawd Hammercy thank you JesusI got a good job, Martini!   Some Monte Carlo and creme de cacao shaken to Rick James’ “Give it to me Baby.”   Then pour into your favorite martini glass and rejoice!

Until next time this is the Mocha Bus Pass Lady and her 4-Head Diaries signing off and wishing everyone at SNL peace, love, comradery and unity.  And please SNL keep the heat on at the studio, Chocolate people get cold easily.


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