Mocha Bus Pass Lady once fancied becoming a situation comedy superstar.  She gave up, but then tried again to break into Hollywood.  Unfortunately, by the time Mocha was ready for her “close up,” she grew older with various aches & pains and she found herself living alone with two elderly cats!  Plus someone stole her bus pass!  Just when she thought she would “lose it” & run the streets naked screaming for Jesus like someone stole her hair weave, Mocha Bus Pass Lady bought a new bus pass and she tried another way to break down the doors of Hollywood.

Mocha Bus Pass Lady is a HAPPY “hot mess with a warm heart,” an often lost, but hopeful world traveler and a  master orator of positive musings.  And Mocha loves Vodka cocktails, any brand of Vodka will do!   Mocha Bus Pass Lady shares “positive” musings and mantras for Hollywood celebrities, or anyone she may find at the bus stop, as long as they don’t smell too bad.

Hold on to your cocktails & your bus pass, Mocha Bus Pass Lady is back on track and ready to heal the world one sip at a time!

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