Hey everyone!  Here is a “throwback” picture from a couple of years ago when Mocha Bus Pass Lady first began.

Beginning soon, hopefully before the end of 2015, we will say “goodbye” to the Jamaican Carmen Miranda and we will say “hello” to a brand new Mocha Bus Pass Lady identity and a brand new bottle of vodka!!!!!  Stay tuned, great things are on the horizon!  Cheers!


$100 Wipe and Toss; Lord Disick

What is it with “noted people” and genitals these days?  First young Miley wrapped her naked “lady bits” around a steel ball and now a father or two, SCOTT DISICK, has taken to wiping his pale booty hole with money.  Well, Mocha Bus Pass Lady says, whatever floats your boat.  Or, in Disick’s case, whatever gets your booty clean!

Scott Disick Instagram EDIT

What a fortunate young man Ms. Kardashian ended up with.  He’s not just ANY ole “baby daddy,”  Lord Scott Disick, inventor of $100-a-Wipe Booty Paper, displayed a “cheeky” persona when “blogging” yesterday about his financial status.  He is a daddy and lover with a wicked sense of humor who chooses to laugh at life rather than bemuse it.  Actually, if Lord Disick WAS to bemuse life it would probably be that using money to clean yourself hurts!  Or, perhaps Lord Disick is rehearsing for his new “rap” album with Weezy and Drake being produced by Dr. Dre, Snoop Puma and Diddy Combs. 

Lucky man having all those jobs!  Maybe in-between rapping and scratching up his pale booty in Benjamins, Lord Disick should become an inventor as well!  His first invention should be called the Money Diaper.  Mommys no longer have to scrounge their baby bags for their wallets, they simply break off a Benny from their kids’ backside!  Hurray for Lord Disick and his imaginative booty…brain!

My cocktail to help me “muse” about Lord Disick:  Pink Panties with:

Vodka de jour:  GREY GOOSE.

My Mantra for Lord Disick and his $100 booty wipe slash rap career:  After wiping your butt with harsh paper, use cocoa butter for the scratches, Aloe Vera for the pain and a patient coach for your ~belch~ rap career.  Excuse me, I’m on my third Pink Panty.

This is the Mocha Bus Pass Lady and her 4-Head Diaries signing off for now.  Bottoms up ~slurp~ and CHEERS!