MBPL New Blog Diary Series!!!

Hey, what happened to Hollywood and

to Mocha’s ‘bus pass’?”


Tune in to the Mocha BusPassLady blog/vlog here!  New entries will pop up soon.  Until then…the below video is one of Mocha’s earlier works featuring her good friend, “Captain Obba Babatunde Jr.” aka Mystro as they visit Disneyland in search of Steve ‘where are ya, Perry?’ Perry, former lead singer of Journey.

Smile, Motivate and Drink a cocktail and enjoy!  Cheers!






Hey everyone!  Here is a “throwback” picture from a couple of years ago when Mocha Bus Pass Lady first began.

Beginning soon, hopefully before the end of 2015, we will say “goodbye” to the Jamaican Carmen Miranda and we will say “hello” to a brand new Mocha Bus Pass Lady identity and a brand new bottle of vodka!!!!!  Stay tuned, great things are on the horizon!  Cheers!

MBPL is returning!!!

Yes, it is official!  The Mocha Bus Pass Lady and her 4-Head Diaries are coming back and with a Vodka-induced vengeance!

MBPL missed being online, but life as it always does got in the way and ole Mocha did what any normal human being would do in sensitive times, she took a deep breath, smiled bright and drank as many cocktails as her tiny mid-life belly could handle.

Now that Mocha is back and working a 9 to 5 which is not her calling, but let’s face it paying bills, rent and eating are essential, she will face her audience once again.  This time around Mocha will showcase the Mocha Bus Pass Lady 4-Head Diaries as 15-second installments on Instagram.  Look for new installments, new mantras and a new costume very soon.

Until then, please stay tuned, Mocha Bus Pass Lady will return just as soon as she finishes her vodka cocktail!!  Or Five!!!!

Smile and Drink a Cocktail – MBPL

Well, helllllooooo!!!

Mocha Bus Pass Lady has weathered one of her many storms and she is glad to be back and drinking, er, glad to be back and making people smile!  Here is my promo, I will return with a whole new Instagram series, so have a cocktail and stay tuned! Please click the link below and if you’d like feel free to join Mocha’s Instagram page.

This is the Mocha Bus Pass Lady and her 4Head Diaries signing off.



The Elusive Singing Pear Tree has Finally Sprouted!

Well, my friends Mocha Bus Pass Lady is patting herself on the back right now. First, I switched from drinking Vodka for about two weeks to drinking Tequila.  Suffice it to state, once I let my two week-old hang over subside I will go right back to Vodka. But, it was a fun ride while it lasted!

So, here it is, Mocha is proud to announce, THE ELUSIVE SINGING PEAR TREE HAS FINALLY SPROUTED! That’s right, Steve “Where are ya, Perry?” Perry is back in true rare form and singing his Portuguese booty off with a plethora of videos from concerts he recently gave to a select lucky few.

(Below video of Perry singing courtesy of Paul Frank)

(Below video of Perry’s “selfie” courtesy of Eric Frankhouser)


The beauty in finally hearing Perry sing after nearly two decades is that his singing voice is as strong and crisp and powerful as ever!  Perry, original lead singer of Journey, still has it!  Not the first tenor from days past, but his lower register or however one might classify, truly sounds as great as he did back in the day. As far as Mocha is concerned Steve Perry’s voice musically, well there is no classification really, is superb; he is just a damned great singer! Period!

Perry’s great vocal prowess reminds Mocha of another strong singer, Joe Esposito, from the band Brooklyn Dreams.   Mr. Espositio also made famous the song, “Lady, Lady, Lady” from the 1983 film FLASHDANCE.  Notice how all these “mature” men still have their pipes, all of them, which is encouraging to see not to mention it brings back fond memories of when music was performed beautifully by well-honed, very talented performers. They still have what it takes.

Brooklyn Dreams, 9-2012

Both Perry and Esposito, now in their mid 60s, still stand, they are a true testament of how powerful the blessing of being talented truly is.  Only comparing the two gentlemen by their talents, not the quality or styles of their singing voices.  The difference with Perry, however, is that he was gone for awhile. But, guess what? He’s back and better than ever!

Mocha Bus Pass Lady wants to give Steve Perry a huge shout out and “glad you’re back, Perry!” Mocha hopes Perry continues to sing and flourish and perhaps even sing in Portuguese which would surely give ole Mocha a warm heart. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy hearing a man singing love songs in a language other than English, right? Until the day Perry records his latest album for the world to enjoy, Mocha and many of Perry’s fans will wait with baited breath. But, don’t have us wait too long Perry, we none of us are getting any younger!  

To give Perry an incentive to release a new album, Mocha will release an updated compilation video of all the “where are ya, Perry” videos Mocha did years ago.  Perhaps when Perry sees the hard work that went into ole Mocha pulling him out of that pear tree as I would like to think, Perry might get all excited and choked up and get that album done quick as lightening! That would be a treat Perry, truly!

Until then, this is Mocha Bus Pass Lady and her 4Head Diary signing off for now!  Stay tuned, I’ll be back!

Boo Boo for Honey Boo Boo

honey boo boo family

Mocha Bus Pass Lady extends her heartfelt thoughts of positive energy to the Honey Boo Boo family of the TLC show, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.

What a horrible thing to have happen, a car crashes into you and you are forced to go to the hospital with various aches and pains rather than retire to the comfort of your home.  Mocha knows all about life-interruptus.  

I saw my bus approach the bus stop and I waved my bus pass and raced across the street to catch it.  Suddenly, out of nowhere a female bike messenger with a bagel jammed between her teeth turned the corner and BAM slammed right into me!  We both landed on the ground, my bus pass flew out of my hand and she writhed and moaned in pain with the bagel firmly set in her mouth.  She apparently had a stronger grip on her bagel than I had on my bus pass!  Being ever dutiful and kind, ole Mocha jumped up in extreme pain to see if the woman was all right.  Little did I realize how completely hungry and delirious that woman was, she called me “Uncle” and asked me if I needed my bunion lanced.  Poor thing.  She lay on the ground with her hands pinned underneath her, gnawing on that bagel like her life depended on it, must have been very hungry.  Thankfully ole Mocha was of her “right mind,” I asked her if she was in pain, and she nodded, chewed on that bagel like a cow chewing its cud, and she mumbled, “I’m labe bor wok!”  When the ambulance came the woman had nearly finished her entire bagel and she looked at me and said, “I get docked pay if I’m late.”

Mocha understood all about what being late for work meant, I’ve been late a few times myself, but thankfully I was never docked pay.  Speaking of “docked,” that bike messenger wreaked of whiskey, phew!  But, after she was given the go ahead to return to work with only minor injuries and a slight concussion she was good to go.  Meanwhile the EMT people neglected to service poor ole Mocha except for one of the friendly ambulance drivers who slipped Mocha a few packets of Motrin for my throbbing migraine.  I told the messenger to have a big cup of coffee before she got back on that bike or she might have another accident, it was only 9 o’clock in the morning.  You know what she did, she went straight across the street to the local café.  Mocha was proud of herself, she did a good thing, she stopped a potentially dangerous future collision.  When the messenger returned form the café she toted a large coffee, another bagel between her teeth and just as she set her  drink in its holder and hopped back on her bent, but workable bike, a dog on a skateboard ran into her pushing the bike on its side.  The bagel flew out from the poor woman’s teeth and her coffee spoiled all over the sidewalk.  Thankfully the dog was all right, he kept going without a scratch on him.  Poor drunk, bagel chewing woman.

My point to this story is that you never know when life will interrupt your plans but, you must push forward, eat your bagel, drink your coffee and live the best life you can.  The Honey Boo Boo family got their ‘Sketti dinner plans interrupted just like ole Mocha got her baked chicken and vodka cocktails dinner plans nearly interrupted by foolish careless people in moving vehicles.  But, we moved forward, right?  You move forward with various aches and pains from the accident, in my case a huge hickey right on the front of my already large cranium, and you pop a few aspirins and drink one or four vodka cocktails and you’re as right as rain.   

Mocha’s mantra for the Honey Boo Boo family: Hire a driver with sharp reflexes, great eye sight and make sure he carries an emergency travel kit filled with ice packs, vodka, strawberry milk for the kids and bandages.

Mocha’s Vodka of Choice for the Honey Boo Boo Family:  Stolichnaya. Mocha chose Stoli Vodka because the Honey Boo Boo family, like Stoli Vodka, are VERY original!!

Mocha’s drink of choice for the Honey Boo Boo Family:  Smash Landings Lemon Drop – Stoli Vodka with crushed Lemon  and sugar shaken with ice and poured into a chilled glass with sugar around the rim.  YUMMY!

Until next time this is the Mocha Bus Pass Lady and her 4-Head Diaries signing off and wishing everyone a crash-free and safe 2014!

Snakes on a “plain” girl!

Rihanna GQ two 2013                                                                                       Photo courtesy of GQ magazine 2013

Ah, Mocha loves the energy Miz Rihanna gives! She is fire, she is ice, sometimes she is a little girl, sometimes she is a grown-ass woman or a tatted-up vixen or an herb-smoking Rasta gal or sometimes she poses naked with snakes covered over her body. Yikes! Not something ole Mocha would ever try especially considering her middle-aged boobs no longer stay perked up. If I held a snake across my naked upper torso I would probably smother the poor beast to death! Nothing wrong with snakes, nothing at all if you don’t mind slippery, slimy long vermin that could swallow whole a 10 pound feline.

Rihanna GQ 2013

Rihanna is a busy working girl, she needs time to blow off steam and wrap snakes around her nubile young body, what 20-something wouldn’t? Which reminds me of the time I visited with a friend whose roomie kept a long, white pet snake in a cage underneath his bed. I think his name was Rocky.

Anyway, Rocky was an old snake, so he spent most of his time underneath the bed in the darkness. But, occasionally my friend’s roommate let Rocky out to peruse the apartment. On the day I visited the roomie asked me to check in on old Rocky. I was scared, but I bravely opened the bedroom door and looked under the bed and to my surprise Rocky was not there. I looked out of the open window and still no Rocky. Then I saw a long white thing slither up the wall toward the window, the snake was inside the bedroom. I let a screech like a weather-worn Horseshoe Bat with its ears caught on a prickly tree branch and I bolted out of the window and onto the ground only a story below. Suffice it to state Mocha never visited her friend’s roomie or Rocky ever again. Nothing against snakes, just not snakes that don’t stay in one place. What was my point?

          Rihanna GQ five 2013                  Rihanna GQ four 2013

Oh well. Mocha’s mantra for Miz Rihanna: Hold a snake only when you are absolutely sure it has already been fed, you’ve known it’s owner for at least a decade and you’ve had three cocktails for starters! If you don’t drink, um, good luck!

Rihanna GQ three 2013

Vodka of choice: Smirnoff Vodka.

Vodka Drink: Slippery Ruby Snake Bite – Smiroff vodka shaken with ice, cranberry and lime and sucked through a strawberry Twizzler! Eat the Twizzler when you’re finished drinking. Yum!

$100 Wipe and Toss; Lord Disick

What is it with “noted people” and genitals these days?  First young Miley wrapped her naked “lady bits” around a steel ball and now a father or two, SCOTT DISICK, has taken to wiping his pale booty hole with money.  Well, Mocha Bus Pass Lady says, whatever floats your boat.  Or, in Disick’s case, whatever gets your booty clean!

Scott Disick Instagram EDIT

What a fortunate young man Ms. Kardashian ended up with.  He’s not just ANY ole “baby daddy,”  Lord Scott Disick, inventor of $100-a-Wipe Booty Paper, displayed a “cheeky” persona when “blogging” yesterday about his financial status.  He is a daddy and lover with a wicked sense of humor who chooses to laugh at life rather than bemuse it.  Actually, if Lord Disick WAS to bemuse life it would probably be that using money to clean yourself hurts!  Or, perhaps Lord Disick is rehearsing for his new “rap” album with Weezy and Drake being produced by Dr. Dre, Snoop Puma and Diddy Combs. 

Lucky man having all those jobs!  Maybe in-between rapping and scratching up his pale booty in Benjamins, Lord Disick should become an inventor as well!  His first invention should be called the Money Diaper.  Mommys no longer have to scrounge their baby bags for their wallets, they simply break off a Benny from their kids’ backside!  Hurray for Lord Disick and his imaginative booty…brain!

My cocktail to help me “muse” about Lord Disick:  Pink Panties with:

Vodka de jour:  GREY GOOSE.

My Mantra for Lord Disick and his $100 booty wipe slash rap career:  After wiping your butt with harsh paper, use cocoa butter for the scratches, Aloe Vera for the pain and a patient coach for your ~belch~ rap career.  Excuse me, I’m on my third Pink Panty.

This is the Mocha Bus Pass Lady and her 4-Head Diaries signing off for now.  Bottoms up ~slurp~ and CHEERS!

Warm C**chie? Try Ice!

I am available to offer POSITIVITY to all including and ESPECIALLY Hollywood celebrities! Mocha Bus Pass Lady’s motto: “Smile and drink a cocktail!”

My current mantra offering goes to Ms. Miley Cyrus, a very talented singer, energetic, limber and beautiful young lady.

M cyrus pix 1-by E News copy

My cocktail to help me “muse” about Miley: Lemon Drop with:

Vodka de jour:  Clique Vodka, it’s the “New Black.”

My Mantra for Miley on a wrecking ball: “Warm coochie? Try ice.”

Let me explain. Cold steel against soft, warm “nether region” skin can be scratchy, unhealthy and well…cold. Mocha Bus Pass Lady suggests the next time perky and taut Ms. Miley swing with her nubile young body straddling a cast iron tether ball she might consider wearing a “cooch protecter,” a nude ice pack covered in fabric. I hate the thought of Ms. Miley walking away from her acrobatic video with a brillo-type rash that might stay with her until she’s old, flabby and barely able to straddle an exercise bike much less a wrecking ball! “Wrecking Ball” by Miley Cyrus – Mocha gives it a thumbs up!

This is the Mocha Bus Pass Lady and her 4-Head Diaries signing off for now. Bottoms up ~slurp~ and Cheers!

Mocha Bus Pass Lady is back and she’s drinking VODKA!

Helloooooo, everyone MBPL has returned.  I had a great time being away, but let’s face it, one can only have conversations with one’s animals for so long before it becomes boderline insane, right?

I am happy to report I have created a video blog to chat about and to give advice to, whom else, the lost souls of Hollywood!

I originally made videos about the ever elusive Singing Peartree Steve Perry.  But, poor Perry has truly given up on singing and he’s chosen the quiet solitary life.  Mocha Bus Pass Lady did not want to come off as a stalker or anything, so I set the poor old bird free, so to state. Mocha is now focused on giving her commentary  about all things Hollywood and beyond!

So, look for Mocha Bus Pass Lady’s Blog and sometimes video Blog or Vlog, coming to your computer screen soon!  Until then, no more dark liquor for ole Mocha, dark liquor can make ya nuts!  Long story short, four years later and lots of unauthorized video and pictures taken of Mocha, means goodbye Jack Daniels, helloooooo Vodka!   Cheers!